Free Bunting Template with Easy Tutorial

Here's the easy bunting template I made when I wanted to whizz up some funky bunting for my son's newly decorated bedroom. I don't have bags of patience (understatement!) so it had to be something I could make quickly and easily.

7 years later, this bunting still hangs proudly in his bedroom and I am not allowed to take it down!

Free bunting template

Making the bunting template ...

With a sheet of A4 paper and a 12" rule, I drew one 6 1/2" line horizontally, as below. I marked the halfway point along this line (at 3 1/4") and drew a long line at right angles to the original line, all the way down the page.

Free bunting template

From each end of the horizontal line I measured 8 1/2", drawing in a line that met the vertical line, to create an elongated triangle. Ta-dah! My bunting template was ready to use.

Making the bunting ...

My son had outgrown and almost worn out a favourite pair of football print flannel PJs but was desperate not to part with them, even though the trousers were halfway up his legs! I promised  to make something with them that he would see every day in his bedroom. So, I made them into bunting and used an old 'dressing up skirt' (another story for another day) to make coordinating bias binding.

Free bunting template


  • Fabric for the right side of the bunting
  • Lining fabric (or double up your fabric if both sides will be visible)
  • 1 pack of bias binding (or fabric to make your own)
  • Thread
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat


I started by cutting open all of the seams in the PJs, cutting off the waistband of the pants and the collar from the top, so I was left with a small pile of usable fabric pieces.

Then I placed one piece of the PJ fabric over the lining fabric and pinned my template in place before cutting out my first fabric pieces.

Free bunting template

Repeating this processs, I had enough fabric for 16 triangles from the PJ fabric and backing fabric.

Keeping right sides together. I pinned each fabric pair together along the long edges of the triangles, leaving the 6 1/2" top edge free.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance and back-stitching at the beginning and end for security, I stitched the 2 fabric pieces together.

Free bunting template

After carefully snipping the end point of the triangle off, to reduce bulk, I turned each trianle out to the right side, using a knitting needle to ensure a neat point at the end of each triangle.

This was a wee bit fiddly but worth it for a nice finish!

I pressed every triangle carefully, then trimmed the top of each triangle to remove any excess fabric from the seams (to get a nice neat edge)

I made my bias binding but it's easy and quick to use ready made binding.

Working out from the centre of the binding, I pinned the triangles  to the inside of the bias binding, sandwiching them inside. I made sure to leave 4" (20cm) at each end for tying.

I sewed about 1/4" in from the edge along the whole length of the bias binding, securing each triangle, until I reached the other end.

Last, I made a loop for hanging at each end and hung the bunting up to my son's great delight!

Easy bunting template and tutorial

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