Perfect Homemade Gifts for Kids

Looking for simple homemade gifts for kids to delight everyone from tiny tots to those oh-so tricky teens? 

This growing collection of photo tutorials will help you find something perfect, inexpensive and desirable for even the hardest to please boy or girl.

I’ve totally fallen in love with more than a few of the projects here. I might just have to find a reason to keep Humphry the hound, as he definitely needs to live in my house.

Favourite Homemade Gifts for Kids (Big and Small)

Visits from the tooth fairy are so exciting! A tooth fairy cushion makes this magical part of growing up even more special (and so much easier for the 'fairy' too)

This little cushion has a  hidden pocket to keep the tooth safe until the fairy exchanges it for something else!

You would have to have a heart of stone not to love Humphrey the Hound! While he's not a toy for little ones, he will certainly become a treasured keepsake, especially if you make him from fabric recycled from a loved garment - a favourite party dress or shirt perhaps?

Just like Granny used to make, a pretty rag doll is a timeless gift to make for a special little girl to love and treasure. You'll find the best ever tutorial for making rag doll hair here too ...

Teen (and pre-teen) boys can be difficult to please, when all they want is time on the computer! A slightly shabby denim wallet (made from old jeans) for him to stash his cash and cards was suitably 'manly' to delight my son.

Homemade fairy wings are THE best gift you can make for a little girl! And, if you're going to make them (so they don't look like those store bought ones) they have to be extravagant, glittery and trimmed with everything a little girl could want. These are the prettiest, most dainty ones ever ... she won't want to take them off!

This is a proper 'cheap as chips' project that really delivers. My son LOVED these DIY phone bookends ... his friends want them too. Off to the boot sales to find more old phones ...

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