Unique Homemade Gifts for Teachers

These unique homemade gifts for teachers are guaranteed to please! I'd been desperate for a project to try the printable iron on transfer paper I'd just found on Amazon - and this is the first project I used it for. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Oh-so Effective Homemade Gifts for Teachers

I made these word cloud cushions for two particularly dear teachers who had really gone the extra mile for my son. We'd gone through a difficult period as a family and these two dedicated teachers had been my son's confidante while the inevitable 'dust' settled. I was so grateful to them.

One of the best parts about this project was sitting at the laptop with my son, making a list of all of the words he wanted to use to describe his teachers.

He was quite little at the time, so some creative prompting was needed, but we took our time, I made it fun and he came up with a good list. I loved that he came up with quite different words for the two teachers we made these gifts for.


  • 1/2 yard linen fabric
  • 1 16" cushion pad
  • 2 yards ric rac
  • 1 x 16" zip
  • 2 colours of thread - one to match the linen fabric, the other to match the ric rac
  • Printable iron on transfer paper
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat, needles and pins
  • Paper and pencil (for your child to capture their own words to describe their teacher)

You'll also need online access, a printer, an iron and your sewing machine.

Instructions - For the wordcloud

  • Work with your child to get a list of 20-30 words/phrases to describe their teacher
  • Don't forget to include both the teacher's name and your child's name
  • Log onto Wordle (it's free to use and sooo easy!)
  • Click on 'create' to enter your list of words into their easy wordcloud generator
  • Play around with the colours until you have the wordcloud exactly as you (and your child) want it to look
  • Download your wordcloud and then print it onto printable iron on transfer paper.
  • Set your printer to reverse print
  • Print the wordcloud onto the iron on transfer paper
Your wordcloud will look a bit odd at this stage

Instructions - For the Cushion Cover

  • Trim your linen fabric to ensure you have 2 precise 17" x 17" squares
  • Carefully position the printed side of the wordcloud in the middle of one of the linen squares (the right side of the fabric)
  • Iron the transfer paper - following the instructions on the packaging
  • Gently remove the transfer paper

Pin and stitch the ric rac into position to frame the word cloud. You can be as creative as you like with the design!

Insert the zip along one edge of the cushion, leaving the zip in the open position.

Pin then stitch around the remaining 3 sides of the cushion cover. Snip off excess fabric at the corners, then turn the cover to the right side and insert the cushion pad.

Learn how to make a totally unique, personalised teacher giftHey Presto! One totally unique, personalised teacher appreciation gift

What's next?

I love to wrap homemade gifts for teachers in handmade gift wrap. Here's the instructions for the really simple gift wrapping paper my son made to present these gifts to his teachers.

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