How to Make Kids Easter Baskets

Homemade kids Easter baskets are perfect for filling up with mini chocolate eggs or homemade cookies that you want to gift to loved ones!

These cute and colourful baskets are so pretty - and they are a real winner because they are an absolute breeze to make. With a little helping hand, they are a great craft project for the kids too.

How to make kids Easter basketsPretty homemade kids Easter baskets

Materials for Kids Easter Baskets

  • Paper
  • PVA glue
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Your choice of decorations
  • Shredded tissue paper
Pick your favourite paper (this can be plain white copier paper, old gift wrap, homemade paper or even newspaper - there's no limit to your creativity)

Instructions for Kids Easter Baskets

Step 1 - Cut out the paper

Using your cutting mat, ruler and craft knife, cut out (or get an adult to help you)

  • 1 x square of paper - 25cm x 25 cm 
  • 1 x rectangle of paper - 15cm x 6cm

Step 2 - Build the box and  handle

Fold the paper from one corner to the opposite corner, to form a triangle, with the right (good / printed) side of the paper  on the outside

  • Crease along the fold, then open the paper up
  • Repeat as above, folding the paper in from the other corners.

You will have foldlines crossing over in the middle of the square.
Bring one corner up and into the centre of the square
  • Repeat with the remaining three corners.The four corners should meet neatly in the middle of the square
  • Make solid crease lines

Fold one edge of the square up and into the centre point of the square

Repeat, bringing the opposite edge to the centre of the square

Unfold the paper until you only have 2 opposite triangles meeting at the centre point.

Fold up the 'walls' of the box (behind the triangles) Fold up the 3rd wall of the box, and hold the 2 triangles that form in place with your thumb

OK - This step is a teeny bit tricky (but only the first time you try it) I've added photos here but you might want to check out my video too.
  • Fold the upper triangle over the 3rd wall of the box and firmly crease the top edge of the box
  • Apply PVU glue to the inside walls formed and the 3 triangles on the base of the box
Almost done now!
  • Apply glue to secure the final edges in place
  • Repeat the process to form the final wall of the box

Form the handle of the box by folding the small paper rectangle in half lengthways, then glue to opposite sides of the basket.

Fill your basket with shredded tissue and colourful Easter eggs

What's next?

I hope you enjoyed this fun crafting idea for kids. You might also like...

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