Ball Jar Pin Cushion Tutorial

Ooh I do love a pretty pin cushion don't you? They are such fun little projects to make. And one with storage for all those little sewing bits and bobs that seem to end up getting lost in the bottom of the craft box, well that's a winner every day of the week for me.

Ball Jar Pin Cushion Ideas

I got a bit carried away with making these little storage pin cushions as I was helpng out with a fundraiser ... I loved that they were so incredibly quick, easy and cheap to make.  There's only a teensy bit of sewing involved (nothing that a child or a totoal beginner couldn't cope with). I made 12 in one evening and sold every one the following day! Kerrr-ching!

There's plenty of  good tutorials already online to help you make these pincushions - I found the instructions from Leslie over at The Seasoned Homemaker really easy to follow and I loved that she has shared such clear step-by-step photos ... they make it impossible to go wrong. You'll find her tutorial here

I used these super-cute quilted crystal 4 oz ball jars that I found on Amazon.

Did you go ahead and make a pin cushion? Do share your photos, I’d love to see them.

What's next?

Find more free pincushion patterns here ...

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