Make a Sewing Needle Case

I finally made myself a sewing needle case after I trod on a needle I'd dropped on the carpet. Ouch!! But it could have been so much worse - it could have been my son with a needle in his foot ... it was definitely time for action.

I'd put off making one for myself for too long, which is pretty dim when I've made them for friends for years. So I wanted to make something pretty but useful and I couldn't make just make one! I was thrilled with these little needle cases turned out - and now my needles are all safely stored away where I can find them easily.

Short of time and really want one? I'm now selling these in my Etsy store, making pennies to pay for little extras for the boy!

Check out my stock of sewing needle cases here.

I usually use my trusty old Singer sewing machine to make these needle cases, as it's so quick and easy to make them. 

Here's a cute little sewing needle case I made by hand, using running stitch instead of machine top stitching. I also added an applique denim heart, contrasting bow and a button.

how to make a sewing needle case

I couldn't resist adding an applique butterfly and love how the cheery yellow and orange felt contrasts with the dotty blue fabric I lined the needle case with. How will you decorate yours?

how to make a sewing needle case

How to make your own sewing needle case


  • 2 rectangles of fabric (I use cotton/used denim) 20cm x 13cm
  • 1rectangle felt/lightweight wadding 20cm x 13cm
  • 2 rectangles felt to match/contrast with your fabric 14cm x 8cm
  • scissors/rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • thread
  • 1 button
  • 8cm white cord elastic (if you can't find cord elastic, or want a fun closure for your needle book, use a covered elastic hair tie!)
  • ruler
  • pins
how to make a sewing needle case


Using your fabric right side up, mark the centre of one of the short sides of your fabric rectangle.  Form a loop with your cord elastic, and pin in place at the centre mark, with the 'tails' of the loop on the edge of the fabric and the loop facing inwards.

how to make a sewing needle caseThis step is a bit fiddly - I find using an oversize pin works well to hold the elastic in place

Slowly (!) stitch the elastc to the fabric, sewing just inside your 1.5cm seam allowance (so this stitching will be invisible). I like to stitch the elastic about 4 times to make sure it is really secure.

how to make a sewing needle case

Place your first fabric rectangle wrong side down onto your work surface, then place your 2nd fabric rectangle on top of this piece, so you have right sides together.

how make an easy sewing needle case

Lay the largest felt rectangle (20cm x 14cm) on to of your 2 fabric rectangles.

how to make a sewing needle case

Pin the 3 layers together and stitch around, leaving a gap of about 6cm for turning. I like to mark the gap with crossed ins, so I don't forget to leave the gap!

Snip the corners off and trim away any excess fabric. Remove the remaining pins.

Gently ease the 'inside' fabric through the gap, in order to turn the needle case to the right side.

Top stitch around the outside of the needle case, making sure to secure the gap closed with your stitching (you don't need to worry about slip stitching the opening closed too).

Pay attention to your stitching when going over the elastic - I usually slow right down to do this bit very carefully!

Mark the centre of the needle case and line up with the centre of your 2 remaining felt rectangles. Pin the 'pages' into place, along the 'spine' of the book, before machine stitching into place.

Finish off your needle book with a cheery button - I couldn't resist this little white button with flecks of green and pink to go with this one (from my ever expanding button stash!)

how to make a beautiful sewing needle case

What's next ...

Short of time and really want one? I'm now selling these in my Etsy store, making pennies to pay for little extras for the boy!

Check out my stock of needle books here.

how to make a beautiful sewing needle casePretty sewing needle cases are so handy to have around

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